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  • Don’t Get Crowned Royal.

    Don’t Get Crowned Royal.

    Bar Chronicles. L. Leeper · 2 min read “Drinks tonight?” That was the text message that brought my good girlfriend and myself down to the bar dressed thin and friendly — we made despair look as whorish as it is. Gossip and Crown Royal took turns wetting my lips. The spirits wrapped their arms around […]

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  • My Favorite Lovers were Young and Broke.

    My Favorite Lovers were Young and Broke.

    In my former Atlanta days I had a very animated love life. The kinds of characters I dated have laced me with valuable game that my kids will inherit. I remember when I was in my early twenties, going to school, pursuing a modeling career and allowing my heart to lead the way. This is […]

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  • My First Golden Shower.

    My First Golden Shower.

    If you told me the light skin cutie I was making eyes with at the club, a year later, would be sucking the lining out of my ass and hydrating himself with my kidneys secretions I wouldn’t have believed you. When you meet pretty people you find yourself having a difficult time imagining them doing […]

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  • I Cut Off My Young Hoes.

    I Cut Off My Young Hoes.

    He was attracted to the smell of student loans and high interest rates emanating from my vaginal walls. Each shift in my walk smelt like accountability and mother approved juice. My milk shake brings all the young boys to the yard. Rock with me on this for a second. I miss the days of fooling around with […]

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