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  • My Baby’s Dad Hates My Mom Bod.

    My Baby’s Dad Hates My Mom Bod.

    Reunited. L. Leeper . 2 min read Its been quite some time since he’s seen the body he created. For the last decade my God of a man has been busy dancing in new gardens, blessing new fields while leaving me to maintain my own. But when he spun the block I couldn’t resist the […]

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  • The Principle of Discretion.

    The Principle of Discretion.

    Short Story. L. Leeper ·5 min read “I have kids.” I placed the fork on my tongue and suckled, my eyes never lifting from the cloudy potatoes. I was sure that the entire restaurant could hear our conversation. A girl chuckled. Our waiter shuffled over to ask questions that I let my date answer. My […]

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  • Why I Moan Daddy.

    Why I Moan Daddy.

    Explicit. L. Leeper · 4 min read Dad should be proud of me, my pussy is the million-man march. Another man is on top of me. Another man is on top of me. Another man is on top of me. Every part of him is broken, but all of his jagged pieces are held together […]

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  • Don’t Get Crowned Royal.

    Don’t Get Crowned Royal.

    Bar Chronicles. L. Leeper · 2 min read “Drinks tonight?” That was the text message that brought my good girlfriend and myself down to the bar dressed thin and friendly — we made despair look as whorish as it is. Gossip and Crown Royal took turns wetting my lips. The spirits wrapped their arms around […]

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