About My Love Life is Complicated

Litsha Leeper is my name, Amazon is who I become when I am creating. Writing is my artistry. I created MLLC for the part of you that wants more. More honesty. More width in feelings and thought. More uncovering. Here you will find stories and essays that are somber, cheeky, and short.

I write with the intention of bothering you, I hope that the stories ruffle what you thought was a perfectly made bed thus causing you to redress your covers and sheets and/or find a new place to sleep.

I suppose I could tell you about where I am from, talk about my children and comrades, but instead I will say, we all have a story and I choose to express mine through imagination, vignettes, venting, poems, novels, essays and any other written form you can think of.

This blog is about the politics of romance and general relationships. Here is where we peel back the layers of human exchange and play with the thickness.

Currently, Leeper, is working on a book (I am a Gemini so speaking in third person at this moment feels absolutely perfect). Subscribe to stay connected. Social handles are below.