For Sanity There Must be Sex and Humor, Even in Revolutionary Times.

Why the romance genre is important.

L. Leeper ·2 min read

The romance genre, whether book or film, is viewed as tantamount to the childhood show Barney — soft, childish, frivolous even. Barney, to most, is not worth introspective thought or considered a subject of importance to serious thinkers which is interesting as Barney taught millions of our youth what love and co-existence could feel and look like.

The genre of romance is considered too cautious, unable to evoke thought comparable to that of a weighty drama film or a disturbing action piece. If violent or materially traumatizing content is the only work considered profound, riveting, or worthy of assessment what does that say about who we are?

The art we value informs who we are and who we can become.

I’m interested in the topic of romance in all of its many forms: familial romance, platonic romance, intimate romance — the politics of it, how we swoon each other and create bonds, and what it says about who we are. Some stories may make you laugh, cry, rage, or bring ease. Ultimately, no matter what, I’d like people to be open not only to the art that takes away from you, but art the that gives back, you’ll find there is a place for both.